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Arriving to the airport is the first step to your experience in Branson. If you have not made airport pick-up arrangements with your employer, you will need to plan for transportation from the airport to your employer or housing address. The preferred airport is the Springfield National Airport (SGF). Note that if using the SGF airport, a 45-minute shuttle or taxi to Branson will be necessary.


If you choose to travel to an airport other than SGF, plan to spend significant time traveling by bus to Branson. Most often a Greyhound bus terminal will not be located at an airport; therefore, it will be necessary to first travel from an airport to the nearest Greyhound bus station. When using this travel method, please expect that there will be a very limited bus schedule between the airport you choose and Branson. For example, the bus may only operate one time per day, or less. We recommend the SGF as your best airport arrival option. 


Ground Transportation: *The airport does not offer scheduled shuttle service between Springfield and Branson.

Take advantage of convenient ride sharing services and be on your way to your host address using Uber and Lyft. Both services operate in the Branson area and are partners with the Springfield/Branson National Airport (SGF). 


Branson also has taxi services available: The Branson Shuttle, Public Shuttle, and Ryde With US (more information below). Whether you need a ride from the airport or want to cruise around town, these safe taxi services are great options.

Springfield Airport (SGF)

2300 N Airport Blvd, Springfield, MO 65802

Tel: (417) 868-0500

Ground Transportation Options:

Uber & Lyft Apps - Price varies

The Branson Shuttle - 417-231-6377
(also available on WhatsApp)
Contact The Branson Shuttle in advance for rates.

Public Shuttle - 417-629-2743

(also available on WhatsApp)
Contact the Public Shuttle in advance for rates.

Branson Taxi & Rideshare Concierge Services - 847-917-9693
(also available on WhatsApp)
Contact the Branson Taxi & Rideshare Concierge Services in advance for rates.


**If arranging your transportation to and from the airport on your own, please be sure to contact any of these services in advance and schedule your ride in advance, and let them know the details of your arrival (date, time, flight number, etc.)

Getting around Branson

Be advised that there is no public transportation available in Branson other than the downtown trolley. Most BridgeUSA exchange visitors share the cost of Uber/Lyft, taxis, share rides with co-workers, or use bikes to get around town. This is especially important to keep in mind when considering housing options: five miles may not seem far, but it is if you have to walk or bike.

Hitchhiking is dangerous and not recommended. You should not accept rides from someone you do not know unless they are a licensed transportation provider (such as a taxi driver).

Also available is Sparky the Free Downtown Trolley. You can hop on from any of the 12 stops and travel easily through downtown, including Main Street, the Branson Landing, and the Branson Convention Center. Find out more about the Downtown Branson Trolley, the map and the trolley map HERE!

Branson Taxi/Shuttle Services:

Uber and Lyft Apps

The Branson Shuttle - 417-231-6377 

(also available on WhatsApp)

Public Shuttle - 417-629-2743

(also available on WhatsApp)

Branson Taxi & Rideshare Concierge Services

(also available on WhatsApp)

*If you decide to buy or rent
a bike, be sure to visit the
Bike Safety page!


**If you have a valid
Driver's License, and you
are interested in renting a scooter, learn more

about Elevate Rides HERE!

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