Airport Arrival

Arriving to the airport is just the first step.  If you have not made airport pick-up arrangements with your employer, you will need to plan for transportation from the airport to your employer or housing address.  The closest airport is Branson Regional Airport (BKG). Springfield National Airport (SGF) is another recommended airport, but a 45 minute shuttle or taxi to Branson will be necessary.


Please note: If you choose to travel to an airport other than BKG or SGF, plan to spend significant time traveling by bus to Branson. Often, a Greyhound bus terminal will not be located at an airport. Therefore, it will be necessary to first travel from an airport to the nearest Greyhound bus station.  Also, it is common that there will be a very limited bus schedule between the airport you choose and Branson. For example, the bus may only operate one time per day, or less. For these reasons, we recommend BKG and SGF as your best airport arrival options. 


Branson Airport (BKG)

4000 Branson Airport Blvd

Hollister, MO 65672

Tel: (888) 359-2541


*This is the preferred arrival airport.  



If you did not make airport pick-up arrangements with your host employer, taxi and shuttle service options and prices can be found on the airport's website. 



Springfield Airport (SGF)

2300 N Airport Blvd.

Springfield, MO 65802

Tel: (417) 868-0500


The airport does not offer scheduled shuttle service between Springfield and Branson.

The Branson Loop:





Luckily for you, there is an affordable form of transportation for airport pickup or drop-off 24 hours/day with a 24 hour in-advance reservation. Whether you are one person or traveling in a group of 20 or more, The Branson Loop has you covered. The Loop offers:


  • A flat rate service

  • On-demand appointment-based ride scheduling

  • Hand sanitizing stations in the vehicles

  • Transportation to or from the airport, work, Greyhound station, or Social Security office

Visit for pricing!

Additional Options:


Transportation options are available on the airport website. Please note that taxi service will cost approximately $80 from Springfield to Branson.


Greyhound bus does travel from Springfield to Branson/Hollister. However, you will need to take a taxi from the Springfield airport to the Springfield Greyhound bus station. After arriving in Hollister, you will need to take another taxi to your Branson address.


*Face masks are required while riding in any of these facilities.