Housing Tips

There are several excellent and affordable housing options available for J-1 participants. Check with your sponsor and your employer to see if housing has already been set up for your arrival. If your sponsor or employer does not have housing for you, check out the following options below:

Hall of Fame Motel
3005 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO
(417) 335-4255


Many students stay at the Hall of Fame during the summer. It is right on the Branson Strip and near a lot of restaurants, attractions and more! The rate is approx $160 per week, per room (two person max). There is not a designated shuttle or transportation option for this site, but if you're working on the Branson Strip, it will be easy to walk or bike to work or entertainment.

Repvblik's "Plato's Cave"

3524 Keeter St. | Branson, MO 65616

Jaime Shears, General Manager (417) 339- 3390

Fill out contact form to apply at platos-cave.com


This housing option is located near the Branson Strip and will provide several attractive amenities with two per room. Amenities include bathrooms en suite, communal cooking area, swimming pool, hot tub, gym, and a recreation area with a games room, all on site. The cost to rent rooms will be $70 per person, per week (4 person room) or $97.50 per person, per week (2 person room). A shuttle service to and from work and around town will be available at additional cost. Bike rentals may also be available for a nominal fee.

King's Quarters
226 Expressway Ln, Branson, M
Michelle at (417) 334-5464

Located off the strip but near several employers, this housing location off the beaten path housed several J-1s in 2017. This location will share 3-4 to a room at $85 per week per person that has a communal kitchen, some suites include in-room kitchen and all have in-suite bathrooms. This location also has a nice outdoor pool area to hang out and relax. Shuttle service may be available at an additional fee.



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